Taxes & Incentives

South Lincoln County enjoys all the business incentives to be found across the rest of the state but with proximity to a major metropolitan area. Wyoming’s tax benefits can be seen below:

Tax Description Rate
State Corporate Tax 0.0%
State Income Tax 0.0%
State Sales & Use Tax 4.0%
Local Sales & Use Tax 1.0%
Local Property Tax – Commercial 9.5%
Local Property Tax – Residential 9.5%
Local Property Tax – Industrial 11.5%

Local governments in Wyoming do not have the authority to offer rebates, deductions, or incentives on sales or property tax. However, some local governments, like the City of Kemmerer, own land and infrastructure necessary to help you construct “build-to-suit” operations necessary to facilitate locating your business to South Lincoln County. These local governments can also apply for Business Ready Community grants and loans that can benefit your project through the Wyoming Business Council, especially if your business is committed to locating in South Lincoln County. Depending on your business, you may also qualify for state level incentives and tax credits. Contact the Business Council for more information.

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